FinELib's Wiley agreement enables open access publishing


FinELib and Wiley have signed a 3-year agreement that ensures access to over 1500 scholarly journals as well as open access publishing in Wiley’s Full OA and hybrid journals.

The agreement enables researchers affiliated to the subscribing organisations the opportunity to publish their scholarly articles open access without additional APC payment.

In 2020, approximately 53% of articles can be published open access without any extra cost, while in 2021-2022 the agreement covers approximately 100%. Total amount of open access articles during the agreement period will be approximately 2000.

FinELib’s Wiley deal covers 22 member organisations of the FinELib consortium. The agreement term is 1.1.2020–31.12.2022. Articles accepted for publication from February 17, 2020 will be eligible for open access publishing under this agreement.

Additional information about open access publishing under this agreement
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