Open Access Publishing in Sage Journals

Researchers can publish their article open access in Sage journals with a discounted 200 GBP fee, instead of Sage's full APC rate of 1 600 GBP.

Am I entitled to the discounted APC in Sage journals?

Yes, you are, if:

  1. Your article is being published in a Sage journal:
    Sage journals with a discounted APC rate (xlsx)

  2. You are affiliated with one of the subscribing institutions:
    Institutions participating in the Sage discount

  3. You are the corresponding author of the article

How do I get the discount?

  1. Sage informs you of the acceptance of your article and offers you the option to publish your article Open Access.

  2. You complete Sage's OA acceptance form and enter the code "FinELib2017" into the Promo code box of the form.

  3. Sage invoices you for £200 instead of the standard APC rate.

Sage won't make any refunds restrospectively, so it is important to fill the promo code in the original OA acceptance form.

Please notice that these are general instructions. Your organization may have specific instructions e.g. regarding invoicing. Therefore, we recommend that when you are planning to publish an open access article in Sage journals, please contact your organization's library/information service.