Open Access Publishing in SAGE Journals

Researchers can publish their articles open access with CC BY license

The most common acceptable article types are: Original Research Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Short Reports, Case Reports.

Am I entitled to publish my article open access free of charge or with the discounted APC?

Yes, you are, if:

  1. 1. Your article has been accepted to be published after Jan 1, 2020 in one of the SAGE journals listed above

  2. You are affiliated with one of the subscribing institutions:
    Institutions participating in the SAGE discount

  3. You are the corresponding author of the article

How can I publish my article open access free of charge in a hybrid journal?

Concerning the hybrid journals the negotiations of the details of the agreement are still unfinished and therefore the open publishing of the articles published in hybrid journals is not in progress yet. When the negotiations are finished we will give instructions for the process in more detail.

Once the negotiations are concluded, SAGE will directly contact all eligible researchers whose articles have been accepted after Jan 1 2020. Articles already published behind a paywall in early 2020 can be retrospectively made open access.

How do I get the 20% discount of the Open Access -journals’ APC?

  1. Once your article has been accepted for publishing, SAGE directs you to sign the licensing agreement and sends you a link by email to the APC payment system. By clicking the link, you will get to your author charges estimate page, containing information on your article’s APC.

  2. In order to get the discount, click "APPLY DISCOUNTS” and a new window opens.

    Kuvankaappaus lomakkeelta: Sage Apply Discounts

  3. On this page you should write the code FINELIB2020 in the box ”Promotion campaign discount / Promo code” and click "APPLY DISCOUNTS", then close the window.

    Kuvankaappaus lomakkeelta: Sage Promo Code

  4. After this you will see the discounted APC. When you click the button Payment Options, you are prompted to sign in or to create an account to Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). After this you can choose your preferred payment method: credit card or invoice. The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours. When the order is complete, you will receive an email with your transaction summary.

    Kuvankaappaus lomakkeelta: Sage Payment Options

If for some reason you are entitled to a larger discount, it will supersede the discount of this agreement.

If you forget to give the discount code, you can ask for a corrected invoice, provided that you haven’t yet paid the invoice. Once the payment has been made, it isn’t possible to get a refund anymore.

Please notice that these are general instructions. Your organization may have specific instructions e.g. regarding invoicing. Therefore, we recommend that when you are planning to publish an open access article in SAGE Full OA journals, please contact your organization's library / information service.

Please contact your library / information service also on other related topics. If you require any assistance with applying the discount code or making the payment, you can also contact SAGE's customer support at