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Open Access Publishing in OUP's Journals

FinELib’s agreement with OUP allows authors from participating institutions to publish Open Access in OUP’s hybrid journals at no additional charge. The costs of OA publishing are covered by the agreement and paid for from library budgets.

For articles in OUP's fully OA journals, a 15% discount on the normal APC (Article Processing Charge) applies.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you meet the criteria below:

  • You are the corresponding author of the article.

  • Your article is peer-reviewed.

  • Your article is not published in a Supplement.

Need support? Not sure of your eligibility? Email your library/information services.

Is my journal compliant with Plan S?

Use the Journal Checker Tool to see if your preferred journal is compliant with Plan S and with the Academy of Finland's OA policy.

I am eligible

What do I need to do to publish in OUP's hybrid journals?

To get started:

  • When submitting your paper, make sure you indicate the qualifying institution as your primary affiliation.

  • Once your paper has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, you will receive an email containing a link to the Online Licensing and Payment System, SciPris.

  • Click "Select a license" to proceed.

Step 1 - Welcome

Click "Continue with open access agreements". For screenshots, see OUP's Author Guide (pdf).

Step 2 - Register/Sign in

Sign in and create an account if you don't have one. In case you already have one, select the author.

Step 3 - Select a license

Select your OA licence and click "I accept". We recommend that authors select the CC BY publication license. The Finnish national policy on open access strongly recommends the selection of the CC BY licence, while several funders mandate it.

Step 4 - Arrange Payment

Click "Submit request" to send your request for review.

Step 5 - Confirmation

  • View your dashboard. A confirmation will be displayed.

  • Your institution will now validate your eligibility. When publishing in a subscription/hybrid journal, you will receive an email when your request has been been reviewed.

  • Once approved, your article will be made freely available online.

Please note that if your request is not approved (i.e. if you are not eligible), you will need to arrange payment of the APC via another method.

What do I need to do to publish in OUP's fully OA journals?

  • The 15% APC discount will be applied automatically based on affiliation.

  • You will see the discounted rate when you login to select a license and proceed to arranging payment.