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Open Access Publishing in CUP Journals

FinELib’s agreement with Cambridge University Press allows authors from participating institutions to publish Open Access in hybrid and Gold OA journals included in CUP’s Full Collection at no additional charge.

The costs of OA publishing are covered by the agreement and paid for from library budgets.

For articles in CUP Research Directions and Cambridge Prisms special collections, a 10% automatic discount on the normal APC (Article Processing Charge) applies.

Articles accepted for publication from 1.1.2024 can be retroactively converted to OA at no cost to the author. CUP will contact eligible authors after the signing of the agreement. If you are eligible but haven’t been contacted by 9/2024, please contact

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

Please ensure that you supply your affiliation accurately and use your institutional email address when submitting the article.

Need support? Not sure of your eligibility? Email or contact your library/information services.

Is my journal compliant with Plan S?

Use the Journal Checker Tool to see if your preferred journal is compliant with Plan S and with the Academy of Finland's OA policy.

I am eligible

What do I need to do to publish in CUP's

CUP's Full Collection

Step 1 – Manuscript Submission

  • Click 'Submit your article' on your chosen journal’s homepage.

  • Complete the submission form in the journal’s Online Peer Review System (OPRS).

  • Ensure you select or supply your affiliation accurately when prompted during the submission process.

Step 2 – Open Access Author Publishing Agreement

  • Upon acceptance, follow email instructions from Cambridge to complete your author publishing agreement.

  • Select the gold open access option to take advantage of your organisation’s transformative agreement.

  • Confirm the Creative Commons license under which your article should be published.

We advise that authors select the CC BY publication license (the default option) whenever available. Also, please note that the Finnish national policy on open access strongly recommends the selection of the CC BY licence, while several funders require it.

Step 3 – APC Transaction Process

  • You will receive an email from Rightslink to invite you to transact your article processing charge (APC). When prompted, select the option to 'seek funding' from your institutional agreement.

  • If your article complies with all relevant eligibility criteria, your APC will be automatically waived. Please note that your library will need to approve your waiver via the Rightslink Institutional Portal.

Step 4 – Article Production

  • Your article will now move through the production process: Copy editing → Type setting → Author proof → Final type setting.

See Publishing an accepted paperThe Production Process.

Step 5 – Article Publication

  • You will be notified upon the publication of your article via an e-mail from Cambridge.

Please note that if your request is not approved (i.e. if you are not eligible), you will need to arrange payment of the APC via another method.

CUP Research Directions and Cambridge Prisms special collections

The 10% APC discount will be applied automatically based on affiliation.