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Open Access Publishing in Taylor & Francis Journals

2023–2024 FinELib agreement with Taylor & Francis includes open publishing in almost 2000 journals published by Taylor & Francis / Routledge.

This includes Open Select (hybrid) journals in both Social Sciences & Humanities and Science & Technology fields.

Agreement doesn't include T&F journals in Medical fields, or most of the Full Open Access journals. Any journals which convert from Open Select journals to Full Open Access journals will stay included in the FinELib agreement until the end of 2024.

Am I entitled to publish my article Open Access free of charge?

You are entitled to publish your article Open Access free of charge if

  • You are the corresponding author of your article.
  • You are a researcher, a student or a staff member (at the time when your article is accepted) in one of the organisations subscibing to T&F Libraries
  • Your article is accepted for publishing after Jan 1st 2023 in one of the qualifying journals (xlsx). This includes most T&F Open Select journals in Social Sciences & Humanities and Science & Technology. This doesn't include medical journals, or most of T&F's fully open journals.

Eligible articles are core, peer reviewed research articles, defined below but not necessarily limited to the below list.

  • Article
  • Review
  • Research Article
  • Review Article
  • Report
  • Short Communication
  • Case Report
  • Note
  • Original Article
  • Guest Editorial

Instructions for the corresponding authors

What do I need to do to get the benefit?

Once your article is accepted, you are identified belonging to a certain organisation on the basis of the name of the organisation you have provided.

When submitting your article, select carefully your main organisation from the drop down menu (neither faculty nor department), and use your organisational e-mail address to make your organisation known to T&F.

In case your affiliation changes after leaving your manuscript don’t forget to tell your production editor about your new affiliation.

Once your article has been accepted:

  1. T&F will send you e-mail with a link to T&F's Author Publishing Agreement.

  2. After confirming article details and research funders, you are asked to choose Open Access.

  3. Choose "I would like to use [name of your organization] Open Access agreement".

  4. Confirm copyright ownership, and choose the license for your Open Access article (CC BY).

  5. Accept your Author Publishing Agreement.

  6. Your organization will be notified of your article, and will approve your article for Open Access publishing as part of the agreement. (If for some reason your article wouldn't be approved by your organisation, T&F will contact you, and you can choose to either pay for the APC yourself, or to revert to publishing behind a paywall.)

If you need help or further information, please contact your library / information service.