Nature Research

Open Access Publishing in Nature Research titles

FinELib consortium’s agreement with Springer Nature includes open access publishing in Nature Research hybrid titles during the agreement term 1.6.2022–31.12.2024 (note that the agreement term may vary depending on the organisation).

The corresponding author does not need to pay an APC (article processing charge). The charges are covered by the agreement.

The agreement covered only a limited number of free OA articles. The articles have now run out.

Who is eligible to publish articles Open Access?

Corresponding authors affiliated to Nature Research subscribing institutions are eligible to publish open access under the agreement. Your institution verifies your affiliation during the publishing process.

Nature Research consortium

Which journal titles are eligible for Open Access publishing?

The agreement covers Nature Research hybrid titles (xlsx)

The agreement covers Open Access publishing of the following article types:

  • Original Paper
  • Analysis
  • Article
  • Letter
  • Brief Communication
  • Registered Report
  • Resource
  • Technical Report

Is my journal compliant with Plan S?

Use the Journal Checker Tool to see if your preferred journal is compliant with Plan S and with the Academy of Finland's OA policy.

Instructions to the Corresponding Author

  • Once your article has been accepted, you will receive a link to the My Publication system.

  • Choose your affiliation: state the name of the subscribing institution you are affiliated to in the entry field. If you don’t find your institution, type in the city or country and the system will prompt institution names.

  • You will see the Green Box describing the FinELib agreement (an example using Aalto University):

  • Agree to the open access license used by the journal title (CC BY)

CC BY 4.0 (ByAttribution)
Creative Commons describes the license like this:
This license lets others copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative works and remixes based on it only if they give the author or licensor the credits (attribution) in the manner specified by these.

  • Order color figures, offprints or posters if you like. Note that you will personally be charged for them, your institution only covers the article processing charge (APC).

  • Fill in your contact information in the Your Affiliation form.

  • Send the order. Your price is 0 EUR unless you have ordered color figures, offprints or posters.

  • Springer Nature will alert your institution and your library/information service will verify your affiliation in the  system.

  • Springer Nature will publish your article open access.

It's assumed that all corresponding authors will want to publish open access.

If this is not the case with you, contact your library or information service before you complete the My Publication -process.

They will reject verifying your affiliation in the system. You will then receive a new link to My Publication and your article will be published behind a paywall.

If you need further information or help with the OA publishing process, please do not hesitate to contact your library/information service.