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Open Access Publishing in American Chemical Society Journals

FinELib consortium’s agreement with ACS offers authors an opportunity to publish their articles open access during the agreement term 2021–2023 without article processing charges (APC). There is a limited amount of free open access articles available during the term.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you meet the criteria below:

  • You are the corresponding author of the article who is to communicate with ACS through the peer review process.

  • You are a researcher, student or staff member in one of the FinELib members subscribing to ACS journals, see FinELib institutions.

  • Your article has been accepted for publication in one of the ACS's journals (xls). NB! Alterations to the lists are possible during the agreement period.

  • Your article has been peer-reviewed (e-book articles are excluded).

  • Your article has been accepted during 1.1.2021–31.12.2023.

Is my journal compliant with Plan S?

Use the Journal Checker Tool to see if your preferred journal is compliant with Plan S and with the Academy of Finland's OA policy.

I am eligible, what do I need to do?

When submitting your manuscript in ACS’s Paragon Plus submission system, ACS recommends you to utilize an email address that is directly associated to your respective institutions, for enhancing ease of verification of qualification as a qualifying author.

  • In Paragon Plus system, select the correct institution name from the drop down box.

Once your article is accepted

You will receive an email invitation to enter the ACS's Journal Publishing Tool (JPA).

  • Sign in the Tool and update requested information.

  • The JPA tool lets you know if the manuscript is affiliated with an institution that is part of FinElib  agreement.

  • Ensure that you want to use FinELib agreement to publish open access by choosing Yes, I wish to publish open access as per agreement:

  • Complete the JPA form.

  • Once your organization or FinELib service unit has verified your open access publishing request,  you will receive an email on the decision.

If your funding request has been accepted, ACS will

  • publish your article under the CC BY license and

  • deposit the final version of record under a CC-BY license into the US Pub Med Central repository.

If your funding request has not been accepted or all free open access articles have been published under FinELib agreement by the time your article is accepted, you will automatically have the right to publish your article open access yourself through ACS's other options.

In that case, please note that you will need to arrange payment of the APC via another method.

For more information: About ACS Author Choice

If you need further information or help with the OA publishing process, please do not hesitate to contact your library/information service or ACS support