OA articles for Nature journals have been used up


Publishing at Nature and Nature Research journals was much higher than anticipated, resulting with the premature end of article quota.

It’s no longer possible to publish open access at Nature journals with FinELib’s agreement. The article quota, which was acquired has been used up, and there are no more articles left in the current agreement, which is in effect until December 31, 2024.

The open articles acquired for Nature and Nature Research journals were used up noticeably faster than expected. The acquired article quantity was based on publication data available at the time, but the amount of published articles was much higher than anticipated.

With the FinELib agreement, total of 33 open articles were published in the Nature and Nature Research journal family's hybrid journals.

The FinELib consortium's Nature agreement covered open publishing in hybrid journals belonging to the Nature and Nature Research family of journals. Fully open access journals were not included in the agreement. With the agreement, the corresponding authors affiliated with a consortium member were able to publish their article open access without a publication fee.