New agreements in the horizon


Access to most scholarly journals continue in early 2024, as negotiations continue and new agreements are being finalized.

FinELib has made progress in negotiating with scholarly publishers, and negotiations continue in the new year.

Several publishers – Elsevier (ScienceDirect Freedom), Emerald, IEEE (IEL), Oxford University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Springer Nature (Springer Compact) – have agreed to keeping journal access open for current subscribers. This means that users still have access to read journals from these publishers, even though new agreements haven’t been finalized yet.

Negotiations also continue with American Chemical Society (ACS), but there are still significant unfinished issues in the negotiations. There is no guarantee of a new agreement being reached.

For open access publishing with FinELib agreements in 2024, the situation varies from publisher to publisher. You can check the situation with each publisher from FinELib’s Publish Open Access page.

Finalizing agreements with publishers requires that FinELib’s acquisition principles and other negotiation goals are met. FinELib will inform about new agreements as soon as each negotiation is finished.

FinELib consortium is currently re-negotiating seven scientific journal agreements with a combined value of over 16 million euros in 2023. These agreements enabled the open publishing of a total of 3,660 scientific articles in 2022. Publishers currently negotiating with FinELib include American Chemical Society (ACS), Elsevier (ScienceDirect Freedom collection), Emerald, IEEE (IEL), Oxford University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and Springer Nature (Springer Compact). All Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences and numerous research institutions and public organizations participate in scholarly journal agreements as members of the FinELib consortium.