Negotiations with ACS continue for 2025


Due to significant disagreements on the agreement terms, there will be no consortium agreement with ACS for the year 2024. However, the negotiations continue with the goal of reaching an agreement for 2025.

Many key issues are still without a solution in the negotiations between American Chemical Society (ACS) and FinELib. The prolonged negotiations are due to significant differences in views regarding the contract terms.

ACS has demanded several significant changes to the agreement, which would e.g. restrict researchers' and students' ability to use ACS journals as part of their research and studies, such as for data mining, and would increase the responsibilities of universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions.

The FinELib consortium is seeking solutions to these issues in hopes of continuing the agreement with ACS in 2025.

FinELib will provide more updates on the progress of the negotiations during the autumn.

From the beginning of 2024, universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions have been without a consortium agreement for ACS journals. Thus, researchers and students from the institutions participating the consortium agreement don't currently have access to the ACS articles published behind a paywall in 2024, nor can they take advantage of the open publishing benefits provided by the FinELib agreements when publishing articles in ACS journals.

However, researchers and students still have access to many articles published between 1996 and 2023 thanks to the previous agreements of the FinELib consortium. Articles published open access are also available for everyone.

For more information, please inquire at your organization’s library or information service.