Negotiations of big journal packages with the scientific publishers are progressing


FinELib negotiates agreements with big scientific publishers on behalf of the national scientific community. With the help of the agreements, the researchers and the students are able to both read the articles behind the publishers' paywalls and publish their own articles openly without any costs for unlimited access to everybody. This is now more important than ever when the openness of the publications is emphasized in the open research policies.

With Wiley, the long-lasting negotiations of open publishing have progressed. It seems that a new agreement for the years 2020-2022 containing open publishing is possible. However, the negotiations on the details of the agreement still continue.

Wiley's journal collection is one of the biggest licensed by FinELib. It contains about 1500 journals from various disciplines.

There is also progress in the negotiations with Sage and the details of a new three-year agreement containing open publishing are under discussion. When completed the Sage Premier agreement will cover about 950 journals.

The negotiations between FinELib and Taylor & Francis broke down inconclusively at the beginning of this year. The negotiations have started again in the course of this autumn but the result is still uncertain.

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