FinELib’s Springer Compact deal: An easy route for open access publishing


The FinELib consortium and Springer Nature have signed an agreement regarding Springer Compact. The agreement ensures access to over 2200 scholarly journals as well as open access publishing in almost 1900 hybrid journals.

The agreement offers researchers affiliated to the subscribing organisations the opportunity to publish their scientific articles open access mainly under CC BY license. No additional APC payment is required from the authors. Publishing open access is the default option in this deal.

Since the beginning of October, already 39 articles have been approved for open access publishing under the agreement.

Clear and easy open access workflows are important for both the authors and the libraries. “We are pleased that neither researchers nor librarians have to spend time handling APC invoices and that the process of the library approving the articles runs smoothly. So far the feedback from the researchers has also been positive.” says Marjo Kuusela, librarian from Helsinki University Library, who approved the very first article covered by the deal.

FinELib’s Springer Compact deal covers 26 members of the FinELib consortium. The agreement term is 1.10.2018-31.12.2020 and the total value of the deal is close to EUR 5 000 000.

Further information about open access publishing under this agreement is available here.

The agreement documents will be published on FinELib website in due course.