Open access publishing included in new ACM and Nature Research agreements


Two new FinELib agreements containing open access publishing rights came into effect in the summer: ACM and Nature Research.

The ACM agreement covers access to ACM Digital Library and open access publishing rights in ACM’s  journals and conference proceedings. The Nature agreement includes access to titles picked by the subscribing institution and the right to publish open access in all Research-titles.

Authors from institutions taking part in the agreements have the right to publish their articles open access without paying article processing charges. Articles that are accepted for publication during the agreement term are eligible for this benefit.

Both agreements are in effect until the end of 2024.

FinELib's Wiley agreement enables open access publishing


FinELib and Wiley have signed a 3-year agreement that ensures access to over 1500 scholarly journals as well as open access publishing in Wiley’s Full OA and hybrid journals.

The agreement enables researchers affiliated to the subscribing organisations the opportunity to publish their scholarly articles open access without additional APC payment.

In 2020, approximately 53% of articles can be published open access without any extra cost, while in 2021-2022 the agreement covers approximately 100%. Total amount of open access articles during the agreement period will be approximately 2000.

FinELib’s Wiley deal covers 22 member organisations of the FinELib consortium. The agreement term is 1.1.2020–31.12.2022. Articles accepted for publication from February 17, 2020 will be eligible for open access publishing under this agreement.

Additional information about open access publishing under this agreement
Additional information about the content of the agreement

FinELibin Wiley-sopimukseen mukaan avoin julkaiseminen


FinELib on solminut Wileyn kanssa 3-vuotisen sopimuksen, joka takaa pääsyn yli 1500 Wileyn lehteen ja mahdollistaa artikkeleiden avoimen julkaisemisen Wileyn Full OA- ja hybridilehdissä.

Sopimukseen osallistuvien organisaatioiden tutkijat voivat julkaista artikkelinsa avoimena ilman kirjoittajamaksua (APC-maksu, article prosessing charge). Vuonna 2020 noin 53 % organisaatioiden artikkeleista voidaan julkaista avoimena ja vuosina 2021–2022 noin 100 %. Koko sopimuskauden aikana avoimena voidaan julkaista arviolta 2000 artikkelia.

Wiley-sopimus kattaa 22 organisaatiota, sopimuskausi on 1.1.2020–31.12.2022. Avoimen julkaisemisen etua voidaan käyttää artikkeleihin, jotka hyväksytään julkaistavaksi 17.2.2020 alkaen.

Wiley and FinELib sign transitional agreement continuing expansion in open access


John Wiley & Sons, Inc. a global leader in research and education, and FinELib, a Finnish consortium of higher education and research institutions, have announced a new three-year license that combines an open access and subscription agreement effective February 2020.

This 3-year agreement will provide 22 Finnish institutions with continued access to Wiley’s subscription journals and enables their affiliated authors to publish open access articles in Wiley’s fully gold and hybrid journals.

“FinELib is pleased to announce an agreement with Wiley offering open access publishing options for our researchers. With this agreement the amount of open access articles will increase substantially,” stated Arja Tuuliniemi, head of licensing at FinELib.

“We are very pleased to partner with FinELib to advance the open access landscape in Finland. This is an exciting continuation down the path to an open research future,” said Judy Verses, Wiley’s executive vice president and general manager, Research.

As part of the agreement, eligible researchers and students will be automatically identified and notified of the opportunity to publish open access through their institutional connection, at no additional charge.

FinELib institutions will continue to have access to all of Wiley’s journal content.

The 22 eligible institutions will also have access to a distinct open access account dashboard for easy administration of their account, quick article approval, and reporting.

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