Agreement between RSC and FinELib promotes open access in chemistry


FinELib and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) have made a new RSC Read & Publish -agreement for 2019. This agreement gives researchers and students access to read 40 journals published by RSC, as well as the possibility to publish their article open access in RSC hybrid journals without additional payments.

“RSC’s journals are an important publication channel for us, and we’re pleased that with this agreement all our articles will be published open access. This is a step towards open access to science and supports Aalto’s aims for open science”, says Mari Aaltonen, Head of Library Resources at the Aalto University Research and Innovation Services.

FinELib’s RSC Read & Publish agreement covers 10 consortium members, who yearly have published approximately 70 articles in total in RSC journals. With the new agreement, already five articles have been published open access in January. The agreement term is 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2019.

More information about open publishing in RSC journals