More than 1,000 open access articles under FinELib agreements


In 2018 more than 1,000 open access articles were published in the journals of various publishers under agreements negotiated by the FinELib consortium.

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FinELib agreements published as a response to FOI


The following agreements have now been published as a response to the FOI request: IEL, Wiley and RSC Read&Publish.

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Additional time for negotiations with Wiley


FinELib consortium continues negotiations with Wiley on open access and the right to read Wiley’s journals. During the negotiations, it has been agreed that the current subscription agreement will be extended until the end of 2019. The current agreement does not include any open access rights.

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Agreement between Royal Society of Chemistry and FinELib promotes open access in chemistry


FinELib and Royal Society of Chemistry have made a new RSC Read & Publish -agreement for 2019.

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FinELib’s negotiations with Wiley continue


The previous agreement between FinELib and Wiley came to an end on December 31, 2018. Prolonged negotiations haven’t yet affected the daily life of researchers and students.

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Questions and answers about FinELib’s negotiations


Why aren’t we purchasing access to scholarly publications at any price necessary? Check here to find out more about the FinELib negotiations and reasons why Taylor & Francis journals are behind a paywall.

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Finelibs förhandlingar med Taylor & Francis avslutades utan resultat


FinELib-konsortiet och Taylor & Francis nådde inget resultat i sina förhandlingar. Detta innebär att åtkomsten till Taylor & Francis tidskriftssamlingar upphör 1 februari 2019.

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FinELib’s negotiations with Taylor & Francis hit a wall


Negotiations between the FinELib consortium and Taylor & Francis ended with no positive results. The end of the negotiations means that access to Taylor & Francis journals will end on 1 February 2019.

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season’s greetings and good wishes for the new year


During holiday season please contact our service e-mail finelib@helsinki.fi in addition to personal e-mail addresses.

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Open access

Vid förhandlingarna har man kommit överens om open access-fördelar för följande förläggares tidskrifter:
American Chemical Society | Elsevier | Emerald | Royal Society of Chemistry | Sage | Science Advances | Springer Nature | Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott

Mer information om open access-fördelar för olika förläggare och organisationer får du även på ditt eget bibliotek.